Amor Township

Established April 5, 1879

Monthly Meetings at the Town Hall are held the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 7:00pm.

October 2019

Amor Township Minutes

 For October 9, 2019

Meeting was called to order by Chairman Mike Holstrom. Others in attendance were Supervisor Kerry Baumgartner, Clerk Brenda Hildebrand, and Treasurer Lori Holmgren. Supervisor Eric Roberts was absent.

Pledge allegiance was recited.

Minutes were read and a motion was made by Baumgartner to accept, seconded by Holstrom and carried.

Treasurer’s report was given with a checkbook ending balance of $725,579.77.  Baumgartner made a motion to accept, seconded by Holstrom and carried.

Baumgartner made a motion to approve and pay claims #4550-4564, and 2 automatic withdrawals. It was seconded by Holstrom and carried.

Holstrom gave the fire report. They ordered the truck and sent it to Texas for add-ons. Fireman’s Relief fund increase of $1,000.00 per fireman per year. The generator for the fire hall is still not working. Fire meeting minutes are on file with the twp. clerk.

The BCI gravel bill was discussed. It was not paid this month. Holstrom will check on it before payment is sent.

The new tractor is not available yet. Baumgartner will check on the progress.

Holstrom will call overhead door and have them check on new panels and a new weather stripping on the bottom of the door and around the door. He will get an estimate of the cost.

Baumgartner will check on the Brian’s Repair bill, the clerk has not received a bill.

The plow truck is ready for winter.

Hildebrand gave the park report. There are already reservations for next year. She had an issue with the garbage at the park. She confronted the person who was leaving personal garbage in the park dumpster. Hopefully the issue is resolved.

With no further business to discuss the meeting was adjourned at 7:36 pm.

Respectfully submitted by,


Brenda Hildebrand, twp. clerk